Stephen Ray Song Proceeds to Make A Wish Foundation

Hey everyone, Stephen here. 

I am so excited that Things I've Never Done is now out and ready for the world to hear! I want to give some background on the song and shed some light on why I feel that donating to Make A Wish Foundation was something I wanted to do. 

In April of 2017, Norv Turner (yep, two-time Super Bowl winning NFL Football Coach!) came to me with the original idea for writing "Things I've Never Done". See, while Norv has spent the majority of his career coaching football, there is another side to the man - a highly creative, dream seekin', Willie Nelson admiring man with more aspirations beyond winning Super Bowls! Not a bad way for Norv to spend his time outside of coaching, writing country songs! Myself, growing up in a football family and living in San Diego where Norv also lives (PS, who knew Norv and my dad both coached at the LA Rams in 1985 together?) got together with Norv back in April to hear about his idea. From there, we put our pens to paper and wrote the song together. Meanwhile, I also came up with the music and melodies, Norv and I finished the lyrics together, and I later went to a friends studio in Northern California to professionally record the song. A big thank you to producer Doug Allen for helping this one come to life! 

Then came time to release the song. And well, it's December. It's a time for giving back, and with the Holidays approaching - we wanted to make this song greater than ourselves. We wanted to be able to share what it means to do things you've never done before not only through the song itself - but also by donating to no better charity than the Make A Wish Foundation. This foundation literally fulfills wishes and dreams of young children with chronic illnesses so they too can do things they've never done. We hope this song is able to make an impact not only in the Make A Wish community, but beyond. So please give it a listen and share it with your friends and family. 

I hope you'll enjoy it, and continue to join us in finding ways to give back through doing what we love. Thanks! 

- Stephen Ray

*See below for links to listen to the song! 

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