Written by Stephen Ray

Verse 1:

Chillin with the boys out on the lake, Summer 2017.

Phone lights up, it’s a music man, Nashville dude said, “You’ve got a chance, you ready to roll?”

I said “1st and 10, let’s go”.

Ya boy says hey I’m gonna tie the knot, yall now got my back?

Everyone gets their one shot at their one big dream to play that when your boys say bases loaded hit it home.

And then that Nashville man said write a sing along….

Chorus 1:

So I’m singing about my home team. Yeah we got girls and we know they’re out of our league.

I’m singing about my home team. From California to New York City and everywhere between.

Let’s paint the town that we call home, don’t need no map, just grab your guys and your girls and let’s go, it’s an all-star team.

Yeah you got yours and I got mine, the crew that I’ve been with through everything.

I’m singing bout my home team.

Verse 2:

Yall go back about third grade, summer of 98.

Grew up just like that and then, college grads and girls moving in.

Life in the fast lane, you’re living in a fast break.

And I would say for every choice, good or bad that we've made. We’ve all had each others back for one big dream to play it’s when your boys say, Hail Mary bombs away!

And then that Nashville man said write a sing along...


Chorus 2

Guitar Solo

Down Chorus

Final Chorus